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prays_for_mojo's Journal

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*punches*, 30 going on 40, a fridge too far, africa, airports, and i am ike, ashanti, awful effigies, bai ling, bankrupt men, bargain basements, bebitched, being gay for moleman, being sannoyed, biological hazards, bleat college, bone moi, bovine university, brandine, bumping fuzzies, burger king, butters, buzzzz, casa bonita, catapulting flaming monkeys, challenging every word, cheerocracy, christmas ham, cletus, cool whooip, creme ribbons, curtis e. bear, dakota fanning-style scrabble, defending horses, del.i.ciouz@gmail.com, dining at koi's, eau de neigh, family guy, fat lesbians, final sales, fitting into one seat, go to (naan) bread, gosh u smell, haggling hoes, hamsters, helper monkeys, herbal essence, high cholesterol levels, hocahontas, homail, homo for the holidays, honking sluts, i hate chu, iiiisee, im so jealous....., in-n-out burger, indulging in one's crapulence, jewleeard, ll poo j, manny emmanuel, mary may suggins, mj's "recruiting officer", moist, mojo forever, mr. teeny, neigh, no homers club, nobody upstages little vicky, not starting clouds, nuts to that, obtaining special dialing wands, opran, outhouse tribune, overgrown gerber babies, people who shower, pepperoni tits, pepsi presents, permanent accounts, punches in the throat, random polish musicians, s club juniors!!!, sailor moon lol, savoring the moment, scientology, screaming at purple drapes, smells like a vacuum, soap opera slaps, south park, stone cold hoochies, supernintendo chalmers, susie uggums, swan lake, the butterfly effect, the duchess of pork, the faggy bunch, the happy dance, the japanese mafia, the jehovan, the other butterfly effect, the simpsons, the touch of my hand, timmeh and jimmeh, tour of the mongoose, trashbags full of popcorn, ungh ungh ungh, warm popsicles, yoplait